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Parc Esta is in the (RCR) Rest of Central Region and the cost of purchasing the land is at $909 per sqf per plot ratio.  Given its excellent position with the entry price from $1,5xxpsf, it is not expensive.

The quality and furnishing from Parc Esta developer is amazing.  See to believe it and definitely worth every single dollar put in.  Do make appointment to visit Parc Esta Show Flat today.

TypeAvg PSF ($)Price From ($)Price To ($)
1 Bedroom$1,809$745,000$933,000
1 Bedroom + Study$1,777$893,000$1,012,000
2 Bedroom$1,702$1,042,000$1,196,000
2 Bedroom + Study$1,329$1,276,000$1,540,000
2 Bedroom Premium$1,626$1,177,000$1,346,000
3 Bedroom$1,696$1,407,000$1,700,000
3 Bedroom + Flexi$1,616$1,490,000$1,605,000
3 Bedroom Premium$1,591$1,542,000$1,809,000
4 Bedroom$1,627$1,759,000$1,956,000
4 Bedroom Premium$1,629$1,884,000$2,096,000
5 Bedroom$1,631$2,279,000$2,394,000

Note: The listed prices displayed above for Parc Esta is as a guide only and subject to change from time to time without given notice.  Choice units could be unavailable during the cause of enquiry.  Our Parc Esta website is not responsible for any mistakes made to the unit and price.

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